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    We offer services in four main sections.


    2D and 3D animation explainer videos

    web design

    Responsive websites, with moving images and mobile friendly

    corporate identity

    Business identity for both print and online: logos, business cards, letterheads, complimentary slips, email signatures and social media content.


    Customised llustrations to be used in magazines, children's books and content marketing.

    It is nice working with you, I get quick answers and changes from you, which is great.


    Get to know me.

    Bennardo Santos

    Managing Director

    "Jack of all trades master of some".
    Creative, innovative, flexible multi-faceted graphic designer and the Managing Director at PriDegree Design Studio specialising in multimedia: 2D and 3D animations, web designs, illustrations and graphic design.


    I started drawing as young as I can remember. I went to Erundu Combined School, in Oshakati and moved to Swakopmund in 2006. Start with both Art and music classes. I completed my grade 12 at Swakopmund Secondary School (SSS) in 2009. I went to study Graphic Design at Midrand Graduate Institute in Cape Town in 2012. Currently, I am the managing director of PriDegree Designs. PriDegree Designs is dynamic graphic design studio operating in four major sectoriums: animation, web design, corporate identity and illustration to meets all your designs needs. Thanks for taking the time to look at my portfolio! I function in a variety of fields, and for the Graphic Design field, I operate by the name PriDegree Santos (pridegree is my graphic design alias which stuck). Pri in PriDegree stands for Prime - the first. It is linked to a series started it in 2014 - PriDegree Series: The African Alphabets, which I am still working at: pridegree.wordpress.com. I merely do not post so often, because I am working on other projects, which are providing immediate results. Furthermore, it forms a secret message, as it spells out "pride" gree.

    My Inspirations

    During my pre-degree year, I got an internship at Inkfish Design Studio. I was only suppose to be there for one month and two weeks, but the director like me so much that it turned into a 3 months internship. I wasn’t even able to go home for the holidays, lucky me! Having grown up with both of my parents unemployed, and my mother struggling in her small businesses, I aspire to help young entrepreneurs and businesses struggling in the visual department. I believe that if we have more business owners more jobs will be available. I love fashion, and currently working with Nardo on the Nardo fashion brand and Nardo Originals. I enjoy working on projects that involves pure originality. My multimedia program is so diverse that I was exposed to so many streams of designs. I am very flexible, having had done a lot freelance work, I really don’t mind if the client wants to get involved in the projects, I mean they are paying for it so. I started conceptualising, PriDegree Designs during my pre-degree year and it grew with me to third year, and now I practically have a job.

    My Philosophy

    Philosophy: "The sophistication is in the simplicity" Form must follow function heavily drawing from the Bauhaus School of Design and Nothing should be lift chance.
    I emphasis on clarity and legibility:
    Demonstrated by the space between the characters The words should breath
    the pictures should move
    And the eye should relax
    And enjoy

    Bennardo Santos the Great KISO

    Celebrates the pick of BKDS Nascent
    It emphasis on C- cube which stands for
    Clean, Clear and Concise
    Legibility is highly emphasized
    A design need not be ambigious
    I am a freeborn
    Born after independence
    Freedom reigns in my blood and the blood of Jesus affirms and testifies to this.

    My personality


    Scrupulous in my business dealings The power of four has become part of my identity. It is so evident that it is impossible to separate the two of us. I had people calling me “BG” and “NARDO” without even knowing my name.


    I have an attitude of being free and out spoken and letting people know when I feel uncomfortable, and I do not expect them to care (I could not careless). All I am interested is that I have let them know.


    Studying and understanding the WILL of God for my life. I am interested in developing into a stable and successful managing director. To remain be a successful entrepreneur so I tend to study a


    To express myself in the best way I can by remaining honest to my core judgement. To understanding things to their essences.


    Typically transparent ( at least I try to be), but not necessarily And open book. I am honest when I want to be and calculative in an analytic manner.


    I like free minded people who are spontaneous And passionate about what they do and who think and act like me.


    Hypocrites People who hide their feelings and consequently their authentic self I would appreciate it if you said you hated me instead of lying to my face. Since I can always tell when someone is hiding their true intentions, as I see right through to the soul - it is a gift.

    What I believe and advice

    I believe in Christ the son, and that he did for my sins and freedom and he rose again I am a the chosen generation, a royal priesthood, the royal steward, a holy nation, a peculiar People And the Trinity.

    Love yourself

    The notion of loving oneself is of utter importance, because If you do not love yourself how are you going to accept and love other people And most importantly who is going to love you ( expect God he demonstrated it already). Although there are times when you cannot humanly love yourself and that is when you need trust in the grace of God and his love for you.


    In life you cannot do everything by yourself there are heights in life you will never reach unless the highest being dwells and works within you. It is written Not by might nor by strength, but by my spirit says the Lord. So let the Holy Spirit literally work on your behalf and let him comfort you. He is your comforter.


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    2412 Windhoek


    +264 81 3000 631


    Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm
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