I cannot believe it! It was as if it was yesterday; when I requested information from IDI regarding their courses. After providing all the necessary information, I finally got a provisional offer to study on their BA Hons course. After a few days one of the student advisor recommended that if I would like I could also do their fast track Master’s course. Where once I complete the Hons I can move onto to the Masters. I was thrilled. I did not even know whether that was possible. My plan was never to stop at an Honours. So immediately I replied and said yes, I am interested.

This week we started with school and my two last modules. I was really glad that I passed and thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the knowledge of his word. Otherwise I would have to couched out around N$ 20 000, to repeat one module. 

This week we started with yet another semester. I am so glad that I am almost done. I realised how favoured I am until… Well nothing. Nothing extra ordinary or bad happened. I just got a revelation that I should be grateful. I was really under a lot of stress especially from work, we I was being abused, undermined and discriminated; and I felt like giving up. But I couldn’t. I look at my life and this is exactly what I fought for all those years. A chance to have the opportunity to create the life I always wanted.

Things might not be as I imaged, but they are getting there. I have the most important thing and that is the foundation. Now all I have to do is built; and surely I will build. I was a bit upset with God for not punishing those powers as he should, but I believe in word and if he said so in Isaiah 54, then surely he will do it. But for now I need to concentrate on the good things (Philippians 4:8). I started concentrating on business, on the good things that God has done for me. I still can’t believe I have a house. A whole house with it’s own erf, not a flat, not a town house. A stand alone house!

I really do not care the detour that happened in my life. It was meaningless, just as whatever they are doing at work. Surely they are labouring in vain! At the end of the day I still got to where God wanted me to be.

This week I was also able to finalise the combined commemoration of the World Wetlands, International Day of Forests and World Water day.

Bennardo Santos short CV 2019

I have also began to concentrate on my business and find new incomes streams apart from those that already exist, and also think of new possibilities. It has been a while since I made an application to a new company, and I did it this week. Even though I am a Taurus, I told myself that I need to be open to new possibilities and new onto new grounds. I was able to update my CV and I have began to work on my portfolio.

I have also began to write posts for BKDS NEWS.

It is amazing how great things open up in your life, when you start concentrating on the good things. Just obey the WORD. Have a great weekend.

Kalm is a new bkds series that tells the story of how I was abused and threaten in my work place for two years.

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Happy African Day. Today, I will discuss the concept behind Wakanda’s envisioned African Utopia, should it not have been colonised.

The Black Panther movie, provides the notion that Vibranium is the source of Wanakanda’s success. However, that it not the case. The modernist thought of Utopia through the advancement of technology was already disregarded with the results of the first World War. In other words, Wakanda can have Vibranium, but it would not have been successful, as with African countries, they have wealth and resources, however they still miss to practice things which will put them at the level of Wakanda.

There are mainly three things that makes Wakanda to be the envisioned African utopia, which many if not all African countries, and especially Namibia is failing at.

 Accepting histories and not just History

The Wakandian tribes draw heavily from the postmodernist thought, of viewing History not with a capital letter H, but histories. These tribes accepted one another, and their differences and were willing to come to mutual agreement. Something which modern, African tribes, still are unable to do, especially here in Namibia. Tribalism is still being practiced and thus foresting hatred, division and destruction amongst African nations. Tribes are left to fight more than build our nations and countries.


Wakanda practices sustainable development

 This is demonstrated in Shuri’s desire to design in more function able gadgets and invest in the sustainability of Vibranium. Namibia still makes use of the phrase, “if it is not broken don’t fix it”. However, the world is changing and we need to always have a back-up plan. You do not have to wait until something goes wrong, in order for you to start, purchasing replacements. We need to plan ahead.  This could also be seen in the desire to not allow, Killmonger’s plan of allowing the weapons to leave Wakanda. Should the weapons have left Wakanda more chaos would have been brought to Wakanda. The world would never have accepted Wakanda’s aim of being about world peace, especially that it was African.


Wakanda’s late king, King T’Chaka accepted his mistakes and T’Challa decided to rectify them

 It could be concluded, to a large extend that the late King T’Chaka of killing Killmonger’s father and leaving him fatherless, contributed extensively to what Killmonger became – a revengeful killer.  We later find out that King T’Chaka’s action, had not only a good motive behind it, but a selfish one as well – for his son to be the only heir of the Wakanda throne. Nonetheless, the challenge which King T’Chaka attempted to avoid by leaving his brother’s son behind; still took place, many years later.


This is exactly what is happening in many African countries and especially Namibia. The consequences of the deals, debt and decisions made previous and current African leaders; are left for this generation, to pay. Fortunately, in the movie, T’Challa’s father accepted his mistake which T’Challa attempted to rectify. But are current African and young African leaders attempting to rectify anything?



This week was the induction week at IDI, I was glad to know that I had passed, and I am also excited about the new website. It is so modern and stylish.

I am glad to have made it this far. I can still remember the first admissions, in fact the “new website” looks a lot like the admission one.

One thing I learnt from all this is to be grateful. My whole academic career, I have never failed and I have always been a top achiever. I can recall a point when it become the norm. I will go to a price giving knowing that I will scope all the awards. It became second nature and that was not fun or exciting. It became predictable and thus mechanical.

Then everything changed, in the eleventh grade, and it was not because I went to a new school, but because for the first time in life, I was confused. I could not figure out what I wanted to study. I had so many options: piano, the arts, psychology, law and medicine. I had the points and the brains, but I did not want a ‘mechanical’. God created us to be dynamic beings having the right to choose what we want for our lives, and living or thinking the way I was, that’s not what I want to be.

It did not take failure, it took the unknown. It is a state of mind where you are not sure of what you want. This situation can come about when you think or know you did not provide what you were supposed to or required to do. Or, a situation beyond your power occurred and left hopeless. Was there even something like that? Something that is more powerful than you. I always believed and thought that if you have Jesus, the same power he has is in you. In other words you become him, you are him. Nevertheless since you are human, pride kicks in and you forget that you are who or what you are because of him, or ungratefulness, you start to demand internally what is not even possible, or unnecessary. You cease to see the wonder of God in everything and only see the norm.

Afropolitanism a Zeitgeist,  means Afropolitanism a spirit of our era.

Before I draw a link between the concepts of Afropolitanism and Zeigeist it will be better if I provide a definition of both terms.

The first time I heard about Afropolitanism was on the studies of culture and social identity which was more focused on how you identity yourself in a postcolonial era, and as a means to challenge and deviate from being defined by social constructs and stereotypes.

This definition is how I understood, from Taiye Selasi’s definition of Afropolitan as “not being citizens, but Africans of the world”. In other words, you are not tied to the African continent with all it’s limitations, or perceptions from the western or development countries which is often distorted and unrealistic with the aim to degrade.

Digiafro logo

Afropolitanism is a concept that combines African ideas with foreign ideas into one idea. The term Afropolitan is a portmanteau (blending of two words) of the word African (Afro) and the Greek word polis which mean city or city-state.

Therefore African city-state. Well you might say, there have been kingdoms and

City is more modern, civilized and development highly depicting futurism and not normally associated with ‘primitive Africa’ from the perspective of the Western invaders who were dominated modernist ideologies of the 19th and early 20th centuries; and to some extent still evident in first world countries.

My definition of Afropolitanism is focuses and comes from a graphic design perspective, and how I use it as a platform to combine African Aesthetics, a postcolonial theory and the Swiss Style also known as the Typographic Style, a modernist theory.

I am interested in transforming the millennial generation lives by opening their eyes to the different opportunities available to them to escape the life of poverty which results in alcohol and drug abuse, internet prostitution and theft.

That’s why for my final project, under the theme Zeitgeist (spirit of the era), I came up with Digiafro an online platform to teach, educate, advise and inform millennial on the different ways available for to avoid poverty.

Digiafro is does not only attempt to define Zeitgeist, but it’s a Zeitgeist within itself.

View the website: http://digiafropreneur.stream/