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Happy African Day. Today, I will discuss the concept behind Wakanda’s envisioned African Utopia, should it not have been colonised.

The Black Panther movie, provides the notion that Vibranium is the source of Wanakanda’s success. However, that it not the case. The modernist thought of Utopia through the advancement of technology was already disregarded with the results of the first World War. In other words, Wakanda can have Vibranium, but it would not have been successful, as with African countries, they have wealth and resources, however they still miss to practice things which will put them at the level of Wakanda.

There are mainly three things that makes Wakanda to be the envisioned African utopia, which many if not all African countries, and especially Namibia is failing at.

 Accepting histories and not just History

The Wakandian tribes draw heavily from the postmodernist thought, of viewing History not with a capital letter H, but histories. These tribes accepted one another, and their differences and were willing to come to mutual agreement. Something which modern, African tribes, still are unable to do, especially here in Namibia. Tribalism is still being practiced and thus foresting hatred, division and destruction amongst African nations. Tribes are left to fight more than build our nations and countries.


Wakanda practices sustainable development

 This is demonstrated in Shuri’s desire to design in more function able gadgets and invest in the sustainability of Vibranium. Namibia still makes use of the phrase, “if it is not broken don’t fix it”. However, the world is changing and we need to always have a back-up plan. You do not have to wait until something goes wrong, in order for you to start, purchasing replacements. We need to plan ahead.  This could also be seen in the desire to not allow, Killmonger’s plan of allowing the weapons to leave Wakanda. Should the weapons have left Wakanda more chaos would have been brought to Wakanda. The world would never have accepted Wakanda’s aim of being about world peace, especially that it was African.


Wakanda’s late king, King T’Chaka accepted his mistakes and T’Challa decided to rectify them

 It could be concluded, to a large extend that the late King T’Chaka of killing Killmonger’s father and leaving him fatherless, contributed extensively to what Killmonger became – a revengeful killer.  We later find out that King T’Chaka’s action, had not only a good motive behind it, but a selfish one as well – for his son to be the only heir of the Wakanda throne. Nonetheless, the challenge which King T’Chaka attempted to avoid by leaving his brother’s son behind; still took place, many years later.


This is exactly what is happening in many African countries and especially Namibia. The consequences of the deals, debt and decisions made previous and current African leaders; are left for this generation, to pay. Fortunately, in the movie, T’Challa’s father accepted his mistake which T’Challa attempted to rectify. But are current African and young African leaders attempting to rectify anything?


Did not have time to upload the end of year review. Seeing that today is the last day of 2017. I will leave this here and update it at a later stage.

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