Afropolitanism a Zeitgeist,  means Afropolitanism a spirit of our era.

Before I draw a link between the concepts of Afropolitanism and Zeigeist it will be better if I provide a definition of both terms.

The first time I heard about Afropolitanism was on the studies of culture and social identity which was more focused on how you identity yourself in a postcolonial era, and as a means to challenge and deviate from being defined by social constructs and stereotypes.

This definition is how I understood, from Taiye Selasi’s definition of Afropolitan as “not being citizens, but Africans of the world”. In other words, you are not tied to the African continent with all it’s limitations, or perceptions from the western or development countries which is often distorted and unrealistic with the aim to degrade.

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Afropolitanism is a concept that combines African ideas with foreign ideas into one idea. The term Afropolitan is a portmanteau (blending of two words) of the word African (Afro) and the Greek word polis which mean city or city-state.

Therefore African city-state. Well you might say, there have been kingdoms and

City is more modern, civilized and development highly depicting futurism and not normally associated with ‘primitive Africa’ from the perspective of the Western invaders who were dominated modernist ideologies of the 19th and early 20th centuries; and to some extent still evident in first world countries.

My definition of Afropolitanism is focuses and comes from a graphic design perspective, and how I use it as a platform to combine African Aesthetics, a postcolonial theory and the Swiss Style also known as the Typographic Style, a modernist theory.

I am interested in transforming the millennial generation lives by opening their eyes to the different opportunities available to them to escape the life of poverty which results in alcohol and drug abuse, internet prostitution and theft.

That’s why for my final project, under the theme Zeitgeist (spirit of the era), I came up with Digiafro an online platform to teach, educate, advise and inform millennial on the different ways available for to avoid poverty.

Digiafro is does not only attempt to define Zeitgeist, but it’s a Zeitgeist within itself.

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Did not have time to upload the end of year review. Seeing that today is the last day of 2017. I will leave this here and update it at a later stage.

Digiafro is the umbrella body under which digiafropreneur and digifreelancer lay.

Digiafropreneur is an online school which provides courses to attempt to solve problems that millennials are experiencing
(outlined in the problem section); under the theme Zeitgeist.   Zeitgeist is a German word, which is defined as the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history, as portrayed by the ideas and beliefs of the time.

In this project I will be focusing on the Zeitgeist of era ranging from 2010 to 2020, and the opportunities and challenges available to millennials to make extra money while providing meaningful services to their counterparts.

This week I managed to complete the themes, from which I will be working until the final. On top of that I have also managed to come up with the different colour swatches, however I can’t decide on which one.

Please comment on your favourite and why. It’s for an online school.